MRC Sackler PhD candidate Tess Langfield achieves award winning abstract

We are delighted to announce that our MRC Sackler PhD candidate Tess Langfield has had her abstract titled: Impact of glass shape on time taken to drink a soft drink: a laboratory-based experiment’ rated as one of the highest for presentation at this year’s Division of Health Psychology Annual Conference 2018 (run by the British Psychological Society). Tess will be giving her award winning presentation on Friday 7th September at 10:50am.

Taxing sweet snacks may bring even greater health benefits than taxing sugar-sweetened drinks

The UK Government levy on sugary drinks producers started in April 2018. This will potentially influence the cost of a large range of non-alcoholic beverages. Our new study (published 26th April 2018) looks at how increasing the price of snack foods might compare in impact. We found that a 10% increase in the price of sweet snacks could lead to a similar reduction in consumer demand as the same price increase for sugar-sweetened drinks. However, such a price increase is estimated to have knock-on effects that may further reduce purchases of sugar-sweetened drinks and other snacks. Furthermore, as sweet snacks provide twice as much sugar in the diet as sugar-sweetened drinks, the overall reduction on sugar intake could be even greater than that observed with price increases for sugar-sweetened drinks.

Are sweet snacks more sensitive to price increases than sugar-sweetened beverages: analysis of British food purchase data. (2018). Smith RD, Cornelsen L, Quirmbach D, Jebb SA, Marteau TM. BMJ open.

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