Behaviour and Health Research Unit Annual Lecture – 2013

BHRU Annual Lecture took place on 25th April 2013 in Howard Lecture Theatre, Downing College, Cambridge

To view Peter Kellner’s powerpoint presentation please click here.

Speaker: Peter Kellner, President YouGov

Title: Redefining equality

“I shall argue that equality remains a long-term goal for progressive politics, but that it needs a new definition, so that we measure equality and inequality less by reference to gini coefficients of income, or data on wealth, and more by access to the things that enable people to lead fulfilling lives – such as decent housing, universal access to good quality schools and health care, clean air, places for children to play safely, crime-free neighbourhoods and so on. And where we do consider income inequality, we should be clear about the distinctions between justifiable inequality (e.g. that results from effort, talent, risk-taking etc.) and unjustifiable inequality (e.g. race and gender differences).”

This event was supported by Cambridge Public Policy