Do candy-like flavoured e-cigarettes adverts encourage vaping among schoolchildren?

maple-pancakesIn this experiment we assigned schoolchildren to one of three groups where they either saw: adverts for candy-like flavoured e-cigarettes; adverts for non-flavoured e-cigarettes; or no adverts (control condition).

The children shown the ads for candy-flavoured e-cigarettes liked these ads more and expressed a greater interest in buying and trying e-cigarettes than children shown the non-flavoured ads.

Importantly, showing the ads had no impact on the pre-existing low levels of appeal of smoking tobacco or using e-cigarettes – in other words, how attractive, fun or cool they considered the activities.

Impact of advertisements promoting candy-like flavoured e-cigarettes on appeal of tobacco smoking amongst children: an experimental study. Vasiljevic, Petrescu & Marteau. 2016.

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