Does wine glass size influence consumption?

Swine glass smallelling wine in larger-sized wine glasses may encourage people to drink more, even when the amount of wine served remains the same.

In this set of bar studies, we found that increasing the size of wine glasses led to an almost 10% increase in wine sales for some comparisons between smaller and larger glasses. However, we did not see significant differences for some other comparisons between glasses of different sizes.


Does wine glass size influence sales for on-site consumption? A multiple treatment reversal design. Pechey, Couturier, Hollands, Mantzari, Munafò, Marteau, 2016.

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Wine glass size and wine sales: a replication study in two bars. Pechey, Couturier, Hollands, Mantzari, Zupan, Marteau, 2017.

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In an earlier study looking at people’s perceptions of the amount of wine in different glasses, we found that the same amount of wine was seen as less in larger compared to smaller glasses, and in narrower compared to wider glasses, for larger portions of wine.

Does Glass Size and Shape Influence Judgements of the Volume of Wine? Pechey, Attwood, Couturier, Munafò, Scott-Samuel, Woods, Marteau, 2015.

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