Does wine glass size influence how much we buy? A replication study

One of our previous studies suggested that wine sales increase by almost 10% if wine is served in a larger glass (here).  In our new replication study, published here in BMC Research Notes, we explored the effect of wine glass size on purchasing for on-site consumption in two bars in Cambridge.

In the first bar, daily wine volume purchased was 10.5% higher when sold in 510ml compared to 370ml glasses; but sales with 300ml vs. 370ml glasses were not significantly different. In the second bar, there was no significant difference in daily wine purchased when using 510ml vs. 300ml glasses.

The results provide a partial replication of previous work showing that introducing larger glasses (without manipulating portion size) increases purchasing. Further work focused on understanding the mechanisms by which wine glass size influences consumption may elucidate when the effect can be expected and when not.

Wine glass size and wine sales: a replication study in two bars. Pechey, Couturier, Hollands, Mantzari, Zupan & Marteau, 2017.

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