Downsizing: What are the policy options for reducing portion sizes to help tackle obesity?

BMJ-infographic_portions_v5A new BMJ Analysis article, written by researchers in the Behaviour and Health Research Unit (BHRU) and published on 2nd December 2015, outlines a range of actions with the potential to avoid the excess consumption of food and drink that consistently occurs when people are presented with larger portions, packages and tableware size. The actions focus on reducing the size, availability and appeal of such larger sized portions, packages and tableware. The analysis considers: what interventions might work; where these interventions can be made; how they might be achieved; and who needs to act to enable the changes. It follows up on the Cochrane Portion Size review (published September 2015), which produced the most conclusive evidence to date that people consistently consume more food and drink when offered larger-sized portions, packages or tableware than when offered smaller-sized versions.


Downsizing: policy options to reduce portion sizes to help tackle obesity. Marteau, Hollands, Shemilt & Jebb., 2015.

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