David Spiegelhalter

David_SpiegalhalterSir David Spiegelhalter contributes expertise to the Behaviour and Health Research Unit on assessing and communicating uncertainty. He is Winton Professor of Public Understanding of Risk at the University of Cambridge. He is a medical statistician with research interests in Bayesian methods, evaluation of healthcare interventions, risk communication, healthcare regulation, and healthcare surveillance. David holds the position of President of the Royal Statistical Society for 2017 and 2018.

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Key Publications:

  • H Riesch DJ Spiegelhalter (2010). ‘Careless pork costs lives’: risk stories from science to press release to media. Health, Risk & Society; 13:47-64.
  • DJ Spiegelhalter, I Short and M Pearson (2011).  Visualising uncertainty about the future. Science (to appear) 2011.
  • M  Campbell and R Fitzpatrick and A Haines and A L Kinmonth and P Sandercock and D Spiegelhalter and P Tyrer (2000). Framework for design and evaluation of complex interventions to improve health. BMJ 321: 694–696.