Milica Vasiljevic

14M_9849-Milica-Vasiljevic54d9ebe4b2b0d.jpgMilica is a Senior Research Associate in the Behaviour and Health Research Unit. Her research focuses on the design and implementation of social-cognitive interventions to change people’s behaviours. Milica has also been researching behavioural biases in risk identification and mitigation; automatic processes involved in behaviour change; and mindset priming aimed at changing people’s attitudes, values, and behaviour. At the BHRU, Milica is involved in primary research exploring the impact of interventions that aim to improve people’s health outcomes, and reduce health inequalities.

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Selected Publications:

Vasiljevic, M., Couturier, D-L., Frings, D., Moss, A. C., Albery, I. P., & Marteau, T. M. (in press). Impact of lower strength alcohol labeling on consumption: A randomized controlled trial. Health Psychology. Available from:

Vasiljevic, M., Coulter, L., Petticrew, M., & Marteau, T. M. (2018). Marketing messages accompanying online selling of low/er and regular strength wine and beer products in the UK: A content analysis. BMC Public Health, 18, 147. Available from:

Vasiljevic, M., Couturier, D-L., & Marteau, T. M. (2018). Impact of low alcohol verbal descriptors on perceived strength: An experimental study. British Journal of Health Psychology, 23, 38–67. Available from:

Vasiljevic, M., Cartwright, E., Pechey, R., Hollands, G. J., Couturier, D-L., Jebb, S. A., & Marteau, T. M. (2017). Physical micro-environment interventions for healthier eating in the workplace: Protocol for a stepped wedge randomised controlled pilot trial. Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 3, 27. Available from:

Petrescu, D. C., Vasiljevic, M., Pepper, J. K., Ribisl, K. M., & Marteau, T. M. (2016). What is the impact of e-cigarette adverts on children’s perceptions of tobacco smoking? An experimental study. Tobacco Control, 26, 421-427. Available from:

Vasiljevic, M., Petrescu, D. C., & Marteau, T. M. (2016). Impact of advertisements promoting candy-like flavoured e-cigarettes on appeal of tobacco smoking among children: An experimental study. Tobacco Control, 25, e107-e112. Available from:

Vasiljevic, M., Ng, Y.-L., Griffin, S. J., Sutton, S., & Marteau, T. M. (2016). Is the intention–behaviour gap greater amongst the more deprived? A meta-analysis of five studies on physical activity, diet, and medication adherence in smoking cessation. British Journal of Health Psychology, 21, 11–30. Available from:

Weick, M., Allen, J. A., Vasiljevic, M., & Yao, B. (2016). Walking blindfolded unveils unique contributions of behavioural approach and inhibition to lateral spatial bias. Cognition, 147, 106-112. Available from:

Van de Vyver, J., Houston, D. M., Abrams, D., & Vasiljevic, M. (2016). Boosting Belligerence How the July 7, 2005, London Bombings Affected Liberals’ Moral Foundations and Prejudice. Psychological Science, 27, 169-177. Available from:

Vasiljevic, M., Pechey, R., & Marteau, T. M. (2015). Making food labels social: The impact of colour of nutritional labels and injunctive norms on perceptions and choice of snack foods. Appetite, 91, 56–63. Available from:

Bajželj, B., Benton, T. G., Clark, M., Garnett, T., Marteau, T. M., Richards, K. S., Smith, P., & Vasiljevic, M. (2015). Synergies between healthy and sustainable diets. UN Global Sustainable Development Report (GSDR) Brief. Available from:

Abrams, D., Houston, D. M., Van de Vyver, J., & Vasiljevic, M. (2015). Equality hypocrisy, inconsistency, and prejudice: The unequal application of the universal human right to equality. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, 21, 28-46. Available from:

Vasiljevic, M., & Crisp, R. J. (2013). Tolerance by surprise: Reducing prejudice and increasing egalitarianism via novel category combination. PLoS ONE, 8(3): e57106. Available from:
*Finalist for the European Social Cognition Network (ESCON) Best Paper Award for 2011.

Abrams, D., & Vasiljevic, M. (2013). What happens to people’s identities when the economy is suffering or flourishing? London: Government Office for Science. Available from:

Vasiljevic, M., Weick, M., Taylor-Gooby, P., Abrams, D., & Hopthrow, T. (2013). Reasoning about extreme events: A review of behavioural biases in relation to catastrophe risks. Report for Lloyd’s of London and the Lighthill Risk Network. Available from: