Stephen Sutton

Stephen_suttonStephen Sutton provides expertise in individual-level behaviour change to the Behaviour and Health Research Unit. He is Professor of Behavioural Science at the University of Cambridge. Professor Sutton trained in psychology and computer science, and his research focuses on the development of tailored behaviour change interventions targeting physical activity, smoking and medication adherence, with a particular emphasis on low-cost, high-reach approaches using the internet, SMS text messaging and smartphone apps.

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Key Publications:

  • Naughton F, Jamison J, Boase S, Sloan M, Gilbert H, Prevost AT, Mason D, Smith S, Brimicombe J, Evans R, Sutton S. Randomised controlled trial to assess the short-term effectiveness of tailored web- and text-based facilitation of smoking cessation in primary care (iQuit in Practice). Addiction, in press.
  •  Mason D, Gilbert H, Sutton S. Effectiveness of web-based tailored smoking cessation advice reports (iQuit): a randomized trial. Addiction 2012;107:2183-90.
  • Sutton S, Kinmonth A-L, Hardeman W, Hughes D, Boase S, Prevost AT, Kellar I, Graffy J, Griffin S, Farmer A. Does electronic monitoring influence adherence to medication? Randomized controlled trial of measurement reactivity. Annals of Behavioral Medicine. Published online 27 February 2014.