Tom Ling

Tom_Ling.JPGTom is Senior Research Leader in Evaluation at RAND Europe and is especially interested in understanding and evaluating complex interventions which involve the interactions and reactions of multiple processes. In particular how knowledge and evidence is used (or not) in these processes by service users, practitioners and policy makers. Knowledge includes not only formal research evidence but also formalised evidence of professionals, experts or regulators, as well as the informal and often tacit knowledge of practitioners and users. Recent evaluations have included health programmes such as the DH Integrated Care Pilots or the Innovation Health and Wealth programme, but also include non-health projects such as the provision of education for Syrian refugees in Jordan or evaluations to combat violent radicalisation in Europe.

Key Publications:

Ling, T. et al (2012) ‘Barriers and facilitators to integrating care: experiences from the English integrated care pilots’ International Journal of Integrated Care Vol 12 (2012)

Ling T. (2012) ‘Evaluating complex and unfolding interventions in real time’, Evaluation Volume 18 Issue 1 January 2012 pp. 75 – 87.