Tess Langfield

Background: Tess graduated from the University of Bristol in 2016 with a BSc in Experimental Psychology. During her undergraduate studies she worked with the Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group on two projects, investigating the ‘beer goggles effect’ in a real-world drinking environment, and the effect of alcoholic unit information on the amount of beer consumed in a lab study. As a PhD student she plans to continue researching possible influences on alcohol intake, as well as sugary drinks. Tess intends to broaden her understanding of the automatic processes involved, including how aspects of glass design may influence consumption, in both lab and field contexts. Tess is supervised by Professor Theresa Marteau and Dr Rachel Pechey.

Research Interests: Tess is interested in developing ways to reduce alcohol and sugary drink consumption, including information based approaches, as well as choice architecture interventions. She would like to understand some of the lower-level mechanisms that may give rise to differences in intake, as well as, more broadly, why certain approaches may be more successful than others.


Selected publications:

Maynard, O. M., Langfield, T., Attwood, A. S., Allen, E., Drew, I., Votier, A., Munafò, M. R. (2017) No Impact of Calorie or Unit Information on Ad Libitum Alcohol Consumption. Alcohol and Alcoholism. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1093/alcalc/agx066