TIPPME Online Resources

Welcome to our resources on TIPPME (Typology of Interventions in Proximal Physical Micro-Environments).

At present this comprises links to relevant documents, and a TIPPME training exercise.

What is TIPPME?

TIPPME is a new tool that has been developed to provide a framework to reliably classify and describe, and enable more systematic design, reporting and analysis of, interventions in proximal physical micro-environments. Please read the TIPPME journal article (first link below under Resources) for more information on its aims and scope. At present, it has been specifically applied to the selection, purchase and consumption of food, alcohol and tobacco, but we are in the process of adapting it to other behaviours.


  • Journal article introducing TIPPME and describing its development (paywalled link; open but non-downloadable link).
  • Full version of TIPPME including instructions for use (link).
  • TIPPME Training Task (link).
  • Finally, you can read here about our scoping review and preliminary typology of “Choice Architecture” interventions, which preceded TIPPME.