Do less deprived households have healthier shopping baskets?

Midsection of mature man carrying basket full of vegetables at homeWe looked at the purchases of 25,000 British households in 2010 to get a detailed picture of socioeconomic differences in the purchases of food and drink. Our research found that:

  • more deprived households purchased a larger proportion of energy from less healthy foods and drinks than less deprived households, and vice versa for healthier foods and drinks.


This pattern of purchasing could contribute to the health differences we see between socioeconomic groups.

Socioeconomic differences in purchases of more vs. less healthy foods and beverages: Analysis of over 25,000 British households in 2010. Pechey, Jebb, Kelly, Almiron-Roig, Conde, Nakamura, Shemilt, Suhrcke, & Marteau. 2013.

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